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Recreation Recycles

Recreation Recylces
Middletown Recreation Recycles

The Middletown Recreation Department and the Middletown Recycling Coordinator have teamed up to create a series of recycling projects to teach people about recycling, reuse and waste reduction.  On the 15th of every month we will release a new project!  

January 2021 - Upcycled Pill Bottle Snowman - Create an adorable snowman out of a reused pill bottle. Watch the video or read the instructions here. 

Jan Recreation Recylces

February 2021 - Recycled Bird Feeders - Learn how to make a few different simple bird feeders made out of recycled materials and get a few extra recycling tips in the process! Watch the video or read the instructions with additional links. 

Feb Recreation Recylces

March 2021 - Insulated Cooler Bag Crafts - Learn what you should do with insulated single-use packaging (recycle or trash?) and then get some ideas to turn your single-use cooler bag into a fun crafty project!  Presentation available here.

March Recreation Recycles

April 2021 -Safer and Healthier Cleaning-  Traditional cleaners can be dangerous to your health, animals and the environment.  Learn about the signal words and get some DIY recipes for a safer All Purpose Cleaner, Surface Scrub and Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  Watch the video or see the information sheet. 

April Recreation Recycles

May 2021 - Paper Bag Tiaras and Crowns - Enjoy making a colorful tiara or crown out of a used paper bag. This recycled craft is ideal for preschools and elementary age children. Some adult preparation and supervision is required.  Watch the video or follow the instructions here. 

May Recreation Recycles

July 2021 - DIY Natural Bug Repellent -   Learn how to make a natural, non toxic bug repellent.  Also get other ideas on how to keep the bugs away.  Watch the video or find the instructions here.

July Recreation Recycles

 August 2021 - Coffee Bag Beads - Learn how to make beads out of coffee bags! Are coffee bags recyclable? Find out from our instruction sheet(PDF) or watch the video! 

Aug Recreation Recycles

September 2021 - Fall Puzzle Tree Craft - Recycling craft for preschoolers using puzzle pieces and paper bags.  Instruction Sheet available here (PDF) or watch the video!  

Recreation Recycles

October 2021 - Pumpkins!  Pumpkins are a resource!  Don't throw them away.  Get some tips and ideas on how to use and dispose your pumpkin in an environmentally friendly way and learn about why that is important.  Video is here.   And check out the great ideas listed on the Middletown Recreation's website.  

Recreation Recycles Pumpkins Thumbnail
October 2021 - November 2021 - Happy America Recycles Day!   Learn how to make your own Beeswax Wraps with this instructional video and written directions. (PDF)   Beeswax Wraps are a natural and healthy alternative to using plastic wrap to store food.  These can be purchased locally or made at home!  Make It At Home Kits are available at the Middletown Recreation Department while supplies last (they are going fast!).  

Beeswax Wraps Directions

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